Monday, July 09, 2012

Jordan Ramsay found not responsible for bludgeoning his dad to death

A Supreme Court judge in British Columbia, Canada ruled that Jordan Ramsay, a 27 year old schizophrenic man was not criminally responsible for the cold-blooded murder of his father, and the mauling of his mother last November. Just before the trial started, one of the authors of Pig Pills, Inc. was threatened again by an anonymous email. Here is a list of useful sites that you might find interesting.


sentry said...

Screw you.

You want everyone to be like the woman who spent $80,000 for Brown Recluse spider bite antivenin treatments, who could have treated her bite with an $80 modified stun gun.

You want people to be slaves to your industry and your pharmacy, and bleed off some of the massive largess to your bank account.

You want to suck on one of the teats of the FDA/AMA/Pharmamonster which consumes a one-sixth and ever-growing portion of the entire US GDP.

Your kind are a bunch of extortionists and murderers demanding "Your money or your life!"

How many people have died from your vaccines, from your suppression of cancer treatments which are cheap, natural, and unpatentable, and from your poisonous, non-natural drugs, steeped in lies and fudged research.

sentry said...

"Woe unto you...."