Friday, February 19, 2010

We've made a blind girl see again!!!!!

Truehope's Empowerplus and other miracles

This report is from someone who attended a meeting hosted in Ohio by John Keim. They recorded their observations and opinion. I would judge them to be fair comments about the presenters and the products discussed. It is our job to report what others have to say in an objective manner. You be the judge if you believe this report or not.

  • Minutes of meeting in Shiloh, Ohio - September 16, 2009 - .pdf file
    David Hardy and Anthony Stephan presentation hosted by John Keim - September 16, 2009.


    Subject: How to get off medications and experience good health by using Truehope products

    Attendance: 150 people from Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Virginia.

    Presenters: John Keim who organized the meeting in Shiloh, Anthony Stephan and David Hardy who founded Truehope in Alberta, Canada.

    Testimonials were numerous, including the usual stories from Tony about his wife's suicide just two weeks after she went on Prozac. Both Tony and Dave tended to bring in the name of God whenever they felt it necessary. My guess is that the room was full of Amish or Mennonites that needed to hear it in order to lend evangelical credibility to their spiel.

    The testimonials were liberally spread around with miraculous claims about a six year old children who was cured of blindness, to an older woman who was saved from hospitalization because her husband forced her to take the nutrients they were promoting.

    Then there were the very unsubstantiated claims made by researchers done in five universities, including Ohio State University. No mention was made about the research studies that have been halted over the years by regulators in two countries.

    It would appear that "everyone" needs to be supplemented with their stuff. Unsubstantiated claims were made that their product showed a huge difference when compared to placebo.

    Once again the 150 people in the audience heard that this product can grow back brain cells, and because the Creator is a lot smarter than scientists, 90% of poor health would disappear if only people took supplements. I assume that meant THEIR supplements.

    Does it help everyone? YES IT WILL....”It's a God given answer!”

    Not only that – it's a scientific fact that 50 genetic illnesses can be cured with this program. The drug companies don't want you to know that this stuff works.

    The cost of one bottle of 225 pills is $74.95 and was quoted in U.S. Dollars. And by the way you have to take 15 pills a day. It's not about the money, it's about helping people and just in case you didn't know, you have to take it for the rest of you life.

    Anthony Stephan and David Hardy target Old Order Amish and Mennonites even though they are Mormon. Who is responsible for this?

  • Truehope meetings promoted in Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, and Ohio. This ad at the end of January in a Amish / Mennonite newspaper in Pennsylvania. Why are Stephan and Hardy doing this?

  • Promoting Empowerplus in NY, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri hosted by Old Order Mennonites / Amish from April 28, 2010 to May 17, 2010. We believe that this is also part of a tour by Anthony Stephan and David Hardy in Ontario.


    Rebecca said...

    your bias is seething through this article.
    how dare you say that
    'by the way you have to take this for the rest of
    your life!!' patients on meds have to take those the rest of their lives too. the only difference is that
    medications that are so liberally distributed to patients cause liver damage, type 2 diabetes and other organ diseases not to mention suicides.
    the true hope regimen has never killed anyone - yet medications and combinations of meds that haven't been tested have killed hundreds of thousands.

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

    Terry Polevoy said...

    I appreciate hearing from those of you who think that I am on the payroll of drug companies. Far from it, I am as skeptical as you are when it comes to new drugs are concerned. My comments about Empowerplus and their recent targeting of Old Order Amish and Mennonites in Canada and the U.S. are important. It seems to me that the company in Canada has turned to religious people and have manipulated some of their senior management to allow these gentlemen to enter the U.S. and address their audience. Their product as far as I know is not approved or recognized by the FDA. If they entice their audience into buying the stuff because it is safe, have they really revealed the whole story? Whenever their supporters brought up the "suicides" that occurred when people were not able to get their Empowerplus up here in Canada they were not telling the truth. But, we have documented events that ended with severe consequences, including at least one suicide in the U.S. when their sales staff convinced a young man's family to take him off his psychiatric meds. So, please stop the name-calling and lets face facts. The marketers are targeting the Amish and Mennonites because of the fact that they are appealing to their religious beliefs. Remember, their company started by telling people that they could cure pigs who bite their ears and tails when in their pigpens waiting to be slaughtered. Maybe a small group of southern Alberta pig farmers believed this junk science, but Canadian PhDs in veterinary science and animal behaviour disregarded these claims. So, why have the leaders of the Amish and Mennonites in certain areas in Canada and the U.S. allowed these gentlemen into their homes and meeting halls? It certainly makes sense for them to believe a story that has some truth or foundation. But, testimonials from patients don't tell the real story. And trusting the stories told by the sales force or call centre in Alberta is a leap of faith. If the real story was to be told about the most recent workshops and seminars let us be honest. Where is the proof that Empowerplus works?

    janecote1 said...

    Thank you so much for your article.

    My brother recently spoke to me and forwarded me an email from these bastards. He has suffered terribly from anxiety for a long time. He is excited and hopeful about the crap they are selling.

    It is sickening that these lowlifes take advantage of desperate people.

    Thank you for giving me a link to send back to him with the other side of the story (actually, we can't really characterize their unethical nonsense as a "side"). I just hope he has the strength to recognize and balance the information you have provided.

    Good for you.

    ps. I personally have scanned a ton of websites about ECT. The vast majority of the participants are idiots who have nothing intelligent to say, claiming ect made them forget their children or their 20-year career in the marines. My shrinks comment? "Empty vessels make the most noise". After 30 or so treatments myself, what strikes me as sad is that there is NO rehabilitation for patients WHATSOEVER. I had to teach myself how to absorb and remember information again (analytical ability was not affected). I'd sure be interested in your views on this issue.